Thursday, April 23, 2014
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EZ Flex Roll-Out Mats   The ultimate combination of protection and convenience, Roll-Out Martial Arts Mats by EZ Flex offer great performance in a versatile, lightweight package. Thanks to the segmented, flexible rolling system, full training areas can be set up and broken down quickly, and the mat sections roll right up for easy moving or storage.   
Puzzle Mats Puzzle mats are an affordable solution for martial arts training. Our 1" puzzle mats offer a non-slip surface that are ideal for martial arts of primarily striking arts.
Grappling Mats The Mat Warehouse offers grappling mats that are designed to take the throws of Judo, Aikido, Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu, and whatever your martial arts style throws at it. It has the same superior multiple density technology as the Combo Mat in a 1.5" or 2" thickness. Also features Tatami-style textured vinyl surface and the anti-skid bottom surface.
Custom Weightroom Flooring Our Custom Weight Room Flooring comes in 4' rolls and can be trimmed to the correct size to custom fit your flooring.

Made in the USA from recycled tired, these mats do there job by keeping both our environment and your floors in great shape!

The Mat Warehouse, located in Estero, Florida, offers the highest quality athletic matting available today, at the best prices. We ship from warehouses across the country, in order to provide low shipping costs, and deliver to you outstanding customer service.

The diversity of our products range from martial arts, police, and military training mats to cheerleading and gymnastics flooring, as well as, home use and gym mats.

Let us fit your professional facility or your at-home gym. We can also help you decide which matting and products would best fit your needs, giving you the best product within your budget.

We also carry mats for yoga and aerobic areas, pool deck mats, play area puzzle mats, garage floor tiles and weight room flooring!

Our Roll-Out Mats by EZ Flex are high-quality, affordable martial arts mats that offer great performance in a versatile, lightweight package. EZ Flex Roll-Out mats are also backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty. We also have Home Roll-Out Mats for at-home exercise/fitness uses.


Some of our most popular martial arts matting includes: grappling mats, MMA mats and puzzle mats. In addition, we provide matting perfect for police and military training.

We provide matting that is ready for your intense training for stand-up, grappling, take downs and throws. All mats come with factory-backed warranty.

We also offer both standard 1" puzzle mats and 1.625" puzzle mats to provide safety against throws and takedowns.


The Mat Warehouse offers cheerleading mats and gymnastics mats for competition and practice. We affer folding mats, landing mats, carpet-topped mats and more!

The biggest sellers are our many styles of carpet bonded foam, including Standard Carpet Rolls and E-Z Rolls from leading suppliers across the country.

We have a large variety of mats to fit your gym! Many of our mats for workout areas have a warranty from 5 to 30 years. Our gym mats are perfect for your school gym, fitness facility or for your personal workout area.
We have approximately 600 square feet of USED MMA Tatami Mats (Blue, 1 5/8" thick) for sale at a GREAT PRICE. Mats are 6 years old and come from a local MMA Gym that closed. Mats are located in Southwest Florida. Call 888-506-6150 if you are looking for used MMA Mats (very good condition) at an affordable price!



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