Tuesday, May 30, 2016

Pole Pads

Our Pole Pad (polyurethane foam wrapped in tough 18 oz. vinyl) is an excellent way to add additional safety features to your studio. They can be designed to cover most support poles, i-beams or columns and are very easy to install. These pads measure 16" diameter x 72" long and will accommodate up to 8" diameter or 8" square pole. They can also be used for kicking and punching! We can customize a pad to fit any size pole (simply divide the circumferenec of your pole by 3.14 to determine th diameter)..

Comes in Blue, Black, Gray or Red
72" Tall x 16" Diameter
$ 200.00/ea




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Pole Pad Uses

  • Kicking Practice
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Defensive Tactics